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Parasigns Paranormal is a husband-and-wife team of investigators, Jim O'Brien and Angela Bisnett of Ballston Lake, NY.  We utilize a variety of methods to research paranormal activity, including some of the latest technology (thermal imaging camera, infrared and full spectrum cameras), as well as low-tech methods of detection, such as dowsing rods and our own personal instincts.  We believe in a respectful approach to the spirit world, and therefore do not normally employ provoking when attempting to communicate with spirits.   We also believe in searching for non-paranormal explanations for observed phenomena, so that whatever remains unexplained might possibly be deemed paranormal.

Our interest in the paranormal began, for both of us, in childhood, but with recent mainstream recognition of paranormal phenomena, mostly due to popular television programs chronicling groups of paranormal investigators, we began to talk more about our own personal experiences, and developed a desire to conduct our own research into paranormal activity.   We began with an investigation of the Baladerry Inn in Gettysburg, PA, conducted by Mason-Dixon Paranormal Society, in August of 2009.  This event was open to amateur investigators, and gave us a taste of what real paranormal research was all about.  After collecting several unexplained EVP's on our digital recorder during this investigation, we were hooked, and decided that we wanted to conduct paranormal research on our own.   Thus, we founded Parasigns Paranormal Investigations, and began our journey into the realm of the unexplained.

Jim O'Brien grew up in Gloversville, NY.  He earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Siena College in 1989.  Jim currently has an insurance agency in Latham, NY.  He is also the lead guitarist and song writer for the hard rock band Kid Bludo.

Angela Bisnett grew up in a small town near Potsdam, NY.  She earned her B.A. in Geology from SUNY Potsdam in 1988, and her Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Iowa in 2001.   Angela teaches 8th grade Earth Science and Physical Science at Shaker Junior High School (located near Albany, NY), and believes that her students are the most amazing kids in the world.




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