Parasigns Paranormal Investigations utilizes the following equipment and more to collect data and aid in spirit communication during our research:

CEM IR Thermometer: detects surface temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.  The thermometer shoots out an infrared beam that strikes a surface and relays the temperature of the surface back to the thermometer.  In theory, when a spirit starts to manifest, it will draw in heat energy from the surrounding area, causing either a hot spot or a cold spot.   Hot spots form where energy is being drawn in to an area, causing molecules to move faster, whereas cold spots form where energy is removed out of the area, causing molecules to move slower.




Digital Audio Recorder: used to detect EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena).  An EVP is a voice or sound that is picked up by the digital recorder, but was not heard by human ears, at the time of the recording.  Many paranormal researchers believe that spirits can communicate with us through EVP's, which often seem to represent direct responses to our questions.  Digital recorders are also useful for confirming sounds heard during investigations, such as knocks, bangs, rattles, or footsteps.



Dowsing Rods: used to communicate directly with spirits.  In theory, spirits are able to utilize energy (perhaps even the energy of the person holding the rods) to manipulate the rods into crossing, uncrossing, or moving to the right or left, in direct response to questions.  We have observed very strong, immediate responses during some dowsing rod sessions, usually coupled with the feeling of an electric, tingling sensation in the hands/body of the user; at other times, we receive minimal or no responses, particularly when the energy in the surrounding area feels low.





EMF Detectors (Mel Meter and K-2 Meter): used to detect electromagnetic fields.  During investigations, we do an initial EMF sweep of an area to detect the normal electromagnetic radiation given off by such things as appliances, computers, breaker boxes, and poorly insulated electrical wiring.  Having a base reading (which is usually <2.0 mG) for electromagnetic radiation in an area allows us to determine if subsequent readings seem anomalous.  Predictable EMF spikes (greater than 2.0 mG) that always occur near certain objects or locations probably have explainable, non-paranormal causes; however, unusual readings that seem to increase suddenly and then disappear randomly may possibly suggest a paranormal origin, such as a spirit drawing in electromagnetic energy in order to manifest itself.  Mel Meters are also capable of measuring ambient temperature, so EMF spikes accompanied by unusual temperature fluctuations (i.e. hot or cold spots), provide more evidence of possible paranormal activity.

In theory, if spirits are able to manipulate electromagnetic energy, then Mel Meters and K-2 Meters have the potential to be used as communication devices with spirits.  Sometimes these meters seem to detect EMF spikes in direct response to questions.  However, it must be noted that radio waves, commonly used for cell phone, satellite, TV, and radio communication, will trigger these devices, so care must be taken to eliminate these non-paranormal sources of EMF activity.

Another important use of EMF detectors is to locate very high levels of electromagnetic radiation in an area.  Exposure to high EMF can affect some hypersensitive people, causing symptoms such as headaches, uneasiness, disorientation, and hallucinations.  These symptoms could lead some people to believe that paranormal phenomena have occurred, so recognizing high EMF levels is an important debunking tool.


EM Pump: emits a low level magnetic field of changing frequency and duration (= magnetic white noise.)   The EM pump is thought to act as a trigger or beacon that attracts paranormal activity.  The theory is that spirits may be able to utilize the emitted electromagnetic radiation as an energy source to help them manifest.  EM pumps are built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing.


Frank's Box: also known as a Shack Hack or Ghost Box.  An inexpensive hand-held AM/FM radio is modified so that it scans through the frequencies without pausing.  This creates a static white noise punctuated by brief snippets of radio station broadcasts.  The theory is that spirits may be able to manipulate the frequencies of the electromagnetic energy received by the radio to create words or phrases that respond to direct questions.




Full Spectrum and Infrared Cameras: Infrared cameras record images in both the visible light and infrared spectra, whereas full spectrum cameras utilize ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared spectra.  These cameras allow investigators to take pictures both in daylight, and in total darkness using an infrared light source.  Sources that emit higher levels of infrared radiation (often heat sources) will appear to be brighter using these cameras.  The theory is that, whereas spirits are not normally seen with the unaided human eye (which sees only in the visible light spectrum), apparitions might possibly reflect ultraviolet and/or infrared light, making them appear visible with these cameras.  As an added bonus, most “orbs” (which are usually caused by the reflection of a traditional camera's flash off of dust, pollen, bugs, or moisture in the air), are eliminated by using these cameras.


Laser Grid: emits a visible grid of green dots that can be used to detect motion or shadows.  The laser grid is normally set up on a tripod in conjunction with a full-spectrum camera that will record any disruption of the beams of light that compose the grid.  Un-explained beam disruption by shadowy figures could indicate the presence of spirit activity.




Night Vision (Infrared) Camcorder: can be used for filming under normal light conditions, but when switched to night vision mode, records images in the infrared spectrum using an infrared light source.  This camcorder helps investigators to see in total darkness when moving through an area and looking through the view screen.   As with full spectrum and infrared cameras, warm objects generally appear brighter than cool objects.  Also, if an manifested apparition is capable of reflecting IR light, then hopefully this camcorder will capture an image of the spirit.

Thermal Imaging Camera: detects infrared radiation emitted by objects and generates an image based upon the relative temperatures of objects in an area.  All objects in the universe emit infrared radiation (heat).  In general, the greater the temperature of an object, more infrared radiation is emitted and the higher the frequency of radiation that is emitted.  Using a thermal imaging camera, higher temperature objects appear white, whereas cooler objects appear dark or black.  Special software can be used to translate shades of white/grey/black to actual colors, which represent relative temperatures (usually white/red is warmer, yellow/orange is average, and green/blue/purple is cooler).  Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect unexplained hot or cold spots which may be indicative of paranormal activity, especially if the hot/cold spot manifests a human-like form, or if the thermal imager is used in conjunction with other detection devices, such as Mel Meters or K-2 Meters.




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