Gettysburg Paranormal Investigation Evidence

08/12/11 and 08/13/11

What a great time we had at the paranormal investigation weekend! Thanks to Deb Estep for organizing a wonderful program, and to all those that attended. We can't wait for the next one!

Unfortunately, we did not capture any anomalies with the thermal imaging camera. During our night-time investigation of the railroad cut, which saw heaving fighting on the first morning of battle, resulting in the capture of over 200 Confederate soldiers who had taken shelter in the cut, we did observe a prominent round ball (heat signature) through the view screen of the thermal imager.  This bright “ball” appeared to be located on the top of the tree line to the south of the Reynolds Ave overpass, but was not visible to the naked eye.  As we approached closer to the tree, the ball slowly shrunk to a pinpoint of light and then vanished.  Jim had the camera in view mode but not in record mode, so he missed the shot to video ...doh!

Photo Evidence

During the course of the weekend investigations, we caught 4 anomalies with our full spectrum and infrared cameras. 

Upper Dustman

Participants in the weekend event stayed at the Quality Inn at General Lee's Headquarters, overlooking the battlefield north of town.  On our first night in Gettysburg, we investigated several historic buildings on the hotel property.   These buildings now serve as guesthouses/suites.  The picture below was taken during a dowsing session at the Upper Dustman suites, a former barn in 1863 that was used as a field hospital during the battle.  The full spectrum camera picked up what appears to be a mist or ectoplasm shown at the base of Jim's shorts.  Jim was moving over to get a temperature reading, as other investigators had noticed a sudden drop in temperature near the floor in the area where he was standing.

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Farnsworth Field Photo 1

On our second night in Gettysburg, the group visited several battlefield locations at dusk and after dark.  The next two photos were taken with the full-spectrum camera at Farnsworth field.  This field was the site of a suicidal cavalry charge on the third day of the battle, led by Union Brig. General E.J. Farnsworth (under questionable orders from Brig. General Judson Kilpatrick) over rocky terrain against entrenched infantry of Hood's division, while at the same time much of the rest of the Confederate army was engaged in Pickett's charge toward the main union line on Cemetery Ridge. 

In this first photo, the full spectrum camera picked up a light anomaly at the edge of the woods at Farnsworth field.  We shot 2 photos in sequence about 1 second apart and the light anomaly was not in the 2nd photo. The light anomalies in both this photo and the next one below it were not visible to the naked eye.

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Farnsworth Field Photo 2

Again, a full spectrum shot of another light anomaly near the center of Farnsworth field.  As before, the shots were taken in sequence about one second apart and the light was not in the 2nd photo.

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Apparition During Morning Battlefield Tour?

On Saturday morning (8/13), our group participated in a tour led by Gary Kross, a licensed battlefield tour guide.   We made several stops at monuments across the battlefield, including  in the Rose Woods adjacent to the Wheatfield, which saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the entire battle on July 2, 1863.  These infrared shots were taken at one of our stops in the Rose Woods.  You will see in photo 1, there appears to be someone standing directly to the right of Mike, a member of our group.  It looks like the face of a man wearing a cap, and possibly a shoulder, and feet.

Photo 1

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Photo 2 was taken less than one second afterword using the camera's burst mode. It looks as though a hand is now raised, possibly to adjust his cap?  We've scanned every photo of this tour, taken with normal, IR, and full spectrum cameras, and cannot identify this man among the tour participants.  Could this be a spiritual stowaway that joined our tour?

Photo 2

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Audio Evidence

We caught 3 EVP's, all on the 1st night of the investigation.

1) On the edge of the parking lot of the Inn, we hear a female voice asking "Who's Patsy" .... at 9 seconds into the clip.

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2) At the edge of the fence line of the field behind the Inn, we hear a one-syllable word  whispered at 10 seconds into the clip.

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3) In the Buford Suite of one of the historic buildings at our hotel, we were conducting a dowsing session, communicating with a man who may or may not have been a politician.  An investigator asks if he were campaigning for an office in Gettysburg, and we hear a response of "Money" at 6 seconds into the clip.

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Thermal Imaging Evidence - Prior Investigation

Most of you were not able to view our video showing the anonamly we caught using our thermal imaging camera on a priror investigation. We wanted to share this with you so you can see how helpful the device can be, especially when you remember to hit the record button!


Thanks again to all that came out!




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