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We are a paranormal investigation group based out of the Capital Region, NY. We are devoted to capturing real evidence of spirit activity. We combine several different investigative techniques, combining scientific methods along with our own senses.

Interest in the paranormal has exploded into the mainstream during the past several years due in large part to the success of television shows such as The Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. People can now talk about their own paranormal experiences without feeling like someone will think they are crazy, which is a great thing! It wasn't always this way, and not too long ago. Yes, curiosity into the unknown realm of spiritual activity has peaked, and you can add our investigative group to the thousands of others out there looking for an answer to - What is a ghost?

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What Is A Ghost?

If you search the internet for the definition of a ghost, you'll find many different variations that typically center on a central theme; “ An apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or to manifest among the living”. Many people have also had spirit encounters with animals that have passed, so one could add animals to the definition as well.

Ghosts have not yet been proven scientifically; just don't mention that to those who have experienced paranormal activity. It is very real in the moment, yet not provable utilizing the scientific method. We can gather the data, form a hypothesis formulated on the data, but cannot test and repeat the experiment. Unfortunately, ghosts do not show up on queue.

There are many theories on ghost manifestations, such as anomalies in the fabric of space-time, where a person is actually witnessing an event that has occurred in the past. Or the parallel universe theory, where under the right conditions, meshes with our reality. Other theories include multi-dimensions and wormholes where again, under the right conditions, a spirit can travel from one dimension to another. The possibilities are enough to make your head spin!

What Is Evidence Of A Ghost?

There are many methods used by paranormal researchers to gather evidence of paranormal activity. Photography, video, audio recordings, and thermal imaging are some of the more common methods used to capture paranormal anomalies. For the true scientific investigator, one would also measure electromagnetic fields (EMF), temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, magnetic fields, ion levels, and even more! The more deviation from base readings at the time of a paranormal occurrence, the better the evidence.

For instance, suppose an investigator asks the question, “What is your name”? Suddenly, there's an audible response that sounds like the name “Joe”. At that same moment the temperature drops by 10 degrees, plus a significant spike in EMF and ion count. Not to mention that Uncle Joe lived in the home for 50 years and passed away several years ago. Now that's a pretty good piece of paranormal evidence.

Even using the term “evidence” can even seem misleading, because we cannot scientifically prove the existence of a ghost as of yet. But, we use the terms “evidence” or “anomalies” for the data that we collect.

On our website, we have included evidence collected by our team at some of our investigations. During our paranormal journeys, we have witnessed full body apparitions, shadow people, been touched, heard voices, and even locked out of our rooms!

We have taken photos of apparitions, recorded thermal video and infrared video anomalies, and have amassed hundreds of Class A EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Even though the scientific community would state that we have not proven the existence of a ghost, in our experience, there is no doubt.

Senses, Psychics and Mediums

A lot has been mentioned about using scientific instruments to gather data paranormal evidence, but we feel that is only part of an investigation. Using one's senses is definitely part of a thorough paranormal investigation. Watching, hearing, smelling, feeling are very important investigative tools and should be used in conjunction with the scientific data in our opinion.

Many people in the paranormal investigative community scoff at the idea of using a psychic-medium for an investigation. We have been fortunate enough to investigate with some excellent psychic-mediums, and couldn't disagree more. In our experience, they have added tremendous amount of depth to our investigations and have corroborated in real-time, the evidence we have uncovered in evidence review. The main point here being that a “real” psychic-medium has a positive impact on an investigation.

Debunk The Junk

Debunking is a major part of any investigation. Spikes in EMF are often due to electrical wiring, appliances, cell phones, etc. Every knock and creak heard is not necessarily paranormal in nature, due to wind, plumbing, heating, other investigators, etc. Shadows can often seem paranormal but are often just reflections of very real people or other objects from inside or outside of a building reflecting from a light source. Orbs captured in photos are almost always dust, moisture, or insects. That great EVP captured on the 1st floor of a building can be the voice of an investigator on the 3rd floor. The list can go on and on for all experiences and data collected. Our general rule regarding any form of evidence is; when in doubt, throw it out.

Our Paranormal Investigation Focus

Our primary focus is on investigating historical buildings, locations, and commercial establishments. Please contact us if you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like our team to conduct an investigation at your historic or commercial location. We are here to help and our services are free of charge.

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